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USB Skype Phone
  • ◆With a large praphic LCD screen
  • ◆incoming calling with twinking light and ringing design
  • ◆you can dia a calling dirrecty through the hot key of Skype-OUT
  • ◆using nosie reduction and digital echo can cellation technology
Lobos LB/sp170 is a USB votp phone which specialized for Skype with elaborate shall design and noise reduction technology carrying convenient can make your lift more coloreful except that LB.-SP170 have amore suitable operating interface for user like using a formal mobile phone,you can review the call recors and contact list through LCD screen no need to look at computer minitor screen you can dia some call,adjust volume set up the coming call rings call conference review message very easy through the phone keyboard.LB-SP710 also suitable for MSN Messenger Yahoo Messenger and other communication software ,you can enjoy the convenient fast and high quality service from it after your correct installation

● Large graphic lcd display without any missing call elaborate shall design are muchu suitable for human bodies incoming call ring with twinking light design
● Youcan dia a call directly through the hot key of sky make your operation simply as wellas using a formal phone call
● The noise reduction and disgital echo can cellation technology canimprove the quality of voice to make your communication joyful
● Unique curved shape design not only give you a comfortable felling but also give you a good viewing angle when you put it on the desk
product model No.:LB-SP170(B)
system xp/vista/windows7
connect interface. USB 1.1/2.2
operating temperature: 0--40℃
storage temperature: -10—60℃
operatinghumidity.: <90%
storage humidity: <95%
Product size: 152mm* 42mm * 24mm
Gross weight : 55g
packing details:LB-SP170,CD DRIVER USER MANUAL